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Galéria Étterem Szolnok Galéria Étterem Szolnok


Galéria étterem




1.      Beefsteak tartare (3.10)

2.      Goat’s cheese with assorted dried fruits and figs marinated in red wine (7)

3.      Chicken salad with basil, rice, roasted pepper and cheese crisp (7)


4.      Tagliatelle with chanterelle mushroom, chives and cream (1.3)

5.      Curd cheese pasta with cracklings (1.3.7)

6.      Farfalle with cherry tomatoes in olive oil and mozzarella  (1.3)


7.      Ox tail soup (1.3.9)

8.      Goulash soup served in a kettle (1.3)

9.      Celery cream soup with smoked cheese straws (

10.  Veal ragout soup with lemon (1.3.7)

11.  Oxtail soup without meat, with pasta and vegetables (1.3.9)

12.  Peach cream soup with minty whipped cream (7)

The Chef recommends:

13.  Rosé steak tagliata, rocket with balsamic vinegar, grilled potatoes and roasted cherry tomatoes

14.  Argentine sirloin with green pepper sauce, garlic chutney, fresh green salad and potato

15.  Grilled chicken fillet with ratatouille, orange sauce with thyme and au gratin potato (7)

16.  Butterfish with spicy cover, grilled shrimp, fresh salad


17.  Filet mignon steak  with goose liver, roasted mushroom, bacon wrapped green beans and hash browns

18.  Filet mignon steak with caramelized pearl onions, medoc wine sauce, grilled vegetables, and spicy baked potatoes

19.  Goose liver Hungarian style with roasted potatoes

20.  Wiener schnitzel with French fries and homemade pickles (1.3)

21.  Knuckle of pork rings with au gratin potatoes

22.  Spare ribs with bacon, spiced potatoes and garlic creme fraiche (7)

23.  Fried pork in spicy cover with cheese, mustard, red onion, sausage slices

and spicy potato wedges (1.3.10)

24.  Roasted pork loin medallions, pepper pesto and fresh salad

25.  Pork loin pieces with baked potatoes and homemade pickles

26.  Duck leg with potatoes and steamed cabbage with apple

27.  Duck leg with celery ragout, apple, garlic and fresh salad (9)

28.  Three cheese crispy chicken with creamy wild mushroom rice and orange-apple mousse (1.3.7)

29.  Fillet of chicken marinated with chili and honey with BBQ sauce and fresh salad

30.  Crispy chicken fillet covered in corn flakes with thousand island dressing (tomatoes,

red peppers and cayenne pepper), fresh salad and potato

31.  Butterfish, Hollandaise sauce, vegetables and dill potato (3.7)

32.  Red perch fillet in rosemary butter on spicy spinach bed with lemon, green apple and cucumber dressing and dill potato (7)

33.  Sheat fish steak in butter with lime dressing, basil potato and baby carrot (7)

34.  Fillet of pike perch with grilled vegetables in butter (7)

35.  Grilled whole trout in almond cover, fresh salad with honey-lemon dressing (8)

36.  Galéria platter: duck leg, trout, honey & chili marinated chicken, knuckle of pork rings,

au gratin potato, red cabbage and rice (1.7)                          


37.  Fresh salad with thousand island dressing (tomatoes, red peppers and cayenne pepper)

38.  Tomato salad

39.  Cucumber salad

40.  Cabbage salad

41.  Homemade pickles                     


42.  Classic Gundel pancake (walnut filling, chocolate sauce) (

43.  Pancake with cinnamon and sour cherry with caramel sauce (1.3.7)

44.  Apple mousse with walnut, raspberry and whipped cream (7.8)

45.  Somlói sponge cake (sponge cake, chocolate, raisins, rum, whipped cream) (

46.  Chestnut puree with whipped cream (7)

Vegetarian and Vegan

47.  Spicy grilled courgette with chickpeas, roasted pepper and tomato sauce

48.  Grilled tofu with veggie couscous and ginger-carrot sauce

49.  Fried camembert stuffed with blueberries, with potato croquette (1.3.7)

50.  Grilled vegetables au gratin (7)



Dishes might include the following allergens:

Wheat containing gluten (1) Shrimps (2) Egg (3) Fish (4) Peanut (5) Soy (6) Dairy (7) Nuts (8) Celery(9) Mustard(10) Sesame seed(11) Sulphur-dioxide, sulphite (12) Lupine (13) Molluscs(14)







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