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Galéria Étterem Szolnok Galéria Étterem Szolnok


Galéria étterem

About Us

The building hosting our restaurant on the end of the 1800 years intact ítette in Dr. Gergelyffy Géza Szolnok heart near Tisza. The renovation of the building and his redevelopment lasted from 1994 to 1998 strange emphasis investing in onto the keeping of the beauty of the original building and his atmosphere. We founded the restaurant in 1998, and plays a very important role in the city's hospitality since then.
Our guests 70%-át the economic companies, political parties, foundations', artistic associations' and entrepreneurs' programs form it. Our restaurant serves the guests on three levels: on the ground floor one not-smoking restaurant in a part, on the first floor in a smoking cafe ,likewise on the first floor one in 180 square metre banquet-halls, lastly he is able to take in the 20-30 heads in cellarage though.We operate a garden in the late vernal and summer monthsThe gallery excellently suitable family and company programs ( weddings, company meetings) his transaction equally.

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Galéria Étterem


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